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Singapore based Canadian Urban-pop star MASIA ONE is poised to release her new single with the arrival of the dub-inspired ‘FYAH’ (pronounced FIRE), a homage to Kingston, Jamaica and will be accompanied by a stunning visual clip filmed entirely in the hills of Baguio, Philippines.

MASIA says: “As I sat on the hillside looking down on Kingston City, I knew I would soon be uprooting my life and moving back to Singapore. I didn’t know much about the place I was born except that it was a very fast paced society with many rules. I wrote ‘FYAH’ as a message to my future self, not to forget who I am and what I love.” ‘FYAH’ was written and recorded in the hills of Kingston Jamaica at the Shaolin Temple studios – located at the world renown, Kingston Dub Club. After a chance meeting with live dub performing collective Suns of Dub, MASIA ONE was captured by the depth and intimate vibrations of this dub rhythm and began penning words to her song ‘FYAH’.

Fyah – Masia One & Suns of Dub (Official Music Video)

‘FYAH’ is a reminder to self-reflect and not lose the passion that drives us to fulfill our ultimate goals and dreams in life, no matter the pressures of society. The song’s lyrics begin, “it’s not easy living life alone, but we don’t follow how this world goes on, just be humble moving wise and strong, baby don’t you lose your Fyah”.

The video is shot by Canadian director Mark Valino in the hills of Baguio, Philippines. Valino had visited this mountain town as a child and envisioned one day creating a visual from the unique landscapes here. Featured dancer Kristal Bermudo, co-founder of Dancehall Manilla joins MAS1A on this journey through the town of Baguio, from mountain into the city reminding us that no matter where we go, we hold our Fyah inside.

The video is dedicated to their dear friend and production manager of FYAH video Geric Stevens who inspired us all to keep our Fyah’s burning.

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