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Kyana Run Weh

Originating from Budapest, Hungary, drummer-singer Zsolt Krecsmáry, keyboardist András Kálmán, and bassist András Koroknay developed a passion for Jamaican music while they were still attending high school. At a very young age even before they started their musical partnership they performed on stage backing reggae stars like Lutan Fyah and Empress Ayeola. They subsequently formed the group Manaky – through which they could channel their artistic freedom without any compromises while keeping real and authentic Reggae music as a core of their compositions.

But what does this mean exactly? Forget all the stereotypical cliches that attach themselves to this particular genre. The sound is fresh, innovative, vibrant and catchy. Their style is a healthy blend of the various sub-genres of Reggae, as well as anything that might currently be influencing the band members. With their lyrics centered on the problems and opportunities present in today’s society, they pay homage to conscious thought awakening words, that were once a trademark of Reggae music but now seem threatened by extinction.

This passion and energy are radiated to the audience during their live shows as well often accompanied by backing vocalists and brass section. The members’ interest and training in audio engineering and subsequent work in recording studios endowed them with the skill to truly create a sound of their own. Usually, they record and mix their songs themselves to have full control over the final result.

Manaky officially debuted in 2016 with a self-titled album which was released without any label, distributor or PR agent. After almost 3 years of forging new music, the first single from the upcoming album ‘Reborn’ is expected to be out by late Spring / early Summer.


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Release Date: October 30, 2020
Copyright: 2020 Manaky
Total Length: 4:00
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Manaky officially debuted in 2016 with a self-titled album. After almost 3 years of forging new music, ‘Kyana Run Weh’ the first single from the upcoming album, ‘Reborn’, is out.

‘Kyana Run Weh’ reflects on the vicious circle of consumer society, which mankind can hardly escape from, whether it tries or not.

We feel sorry for underaged African mineworkers, yet we still buy the newest phones. We don’t intend to poison our bodies and our globe, yet we drink from plastic bottles.

The chorus (in plain English): “Can not run away from the new world order” echoes these issues. This conscious tune brings back Black Uhuru’s dark militant yet funky sound that ruled the early 80’s era.

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