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King Tappa

Lost in Thoughts

Reggae sensation, King Tappa, is back with his new song and music video, ‘Lost in Thought’, which officially released on May 7, 2021, on all major music streaming platforms and YouTube.

Human existence is full of memories that are usually recalled in thoughts and imagination. The “Lost in Thought” song takes the listener on the journey of the past to connect to the present and the future.

The lyrics of the song are refreshing and sparks the imagination. Anyone who loves powerful reggae tunes with meaningful lyrics and philosophical expressions will love this song. While being emotional, it is also fun and relaxing, like something you would play while driving on a smooth road on the weekend.

King Tappa | Lost in Thoughts

IRIE™ | King Tappa - Lost in Thoughts

“The lyrics of ‘Lost in Thought’ are from a poem I wrote about 20 years ago. I was inspired to write it while thinking about the past, present, and future,” said King Tappa.

“Upon listening to the beat, I knew the lyrics would fit in perfectly, so I went for it, and here we are. The song is very relatable and real, as it touches different human emotions. I hope it will inspire many listeners to reflect on life and help them plan a better future.”

With this new song, King Tappa will be writing a new chapter in his story and making history. Reggae fans all over the world deserve quality music with powerful lyrics and rhythm they can listen to and enjoy, and that’s what he’s offering.

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