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Crucial Showcase

JonnyGO Figure & Bent Backs Records are about to release the extended version of ‘Crucial Showcase’ (December 2nd), the four-song debut EP from the Brooklyn born singer/dj that gave the label their fastest sold out record (released spring 2019). “Crucial Showcase”, the debut EP of JonnyGO Figure was released on April 01, 2019 with the musical backing of The Green and Fresh Band, track titles like “Natty Take Over” and “Revolutionary Youth” reflected the life experience of a young dreadlock man who’s been
belittled for his beliefs and appearance but guided thru music and Rastafari culture to become a conscious and authentic man who’s proud of his roots and ready to fulfill its destiny.

JonnyGo Figure has been levitating around Reggae music since he was born, thanks to his father, a short time sound bwoy from Guyana (Georgetown) who moved to the USA in the 80’s, where he keep his collector spirit and cultivated it on to one of his sons, the one that after several years as record collector and some experience on Funk-Rap music between 2009 and 2013, has become a sensational Reggae singer and already tour around cities of México, France and the USA with only 5 singles and a couple of collaborations with The Far East Band and Devon Clark.

Crucial Showcase (Misslulu Mix)

IRIE™ | JonnyGO Figure - Crucial Showcase - Misslulu Mix

Release Date: December 2, 2019
Label: Bent Backs Records
Copyright: 2019 Laurent Gautier
Total Length: 18:16
Total Tracks: 4
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

IRIE invites you to hear an exclusive mix of the new material by Miss Lulu of MundoReggae!

His “Crucial Showcase Extended Version”, a 33RPM 12” vinyl on pre-sale since November 05, includes the demanded dub versions of the 4 original songs and the dub version of a new track that couldn’t fit on the first vinyl release because of the 45RPM format. This 5th track entitled “Thing Like That” reveals a heartbroken but self loved side of Go Figure in a sentimental modern rub a dub style song that will make you need a copy of this gem with a refreshed light pink cover designed by Lo Bent Back himself.

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