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Iyata Safari

Photography By: Rebellion City Productions

By way of Africa, to parents with diverse background, Iyata Safari was born and raised in New Jersey. She grew up with musicians from both sides of her family.

As a child, Safari always wrote songs and understood the concept of message in music. Her first song written at age 8 was called ‘Say no to drugs’.

Growing up in the rough streets of New Jersey had an impact on her life and she began to rebel. However, with the guidance of her grandmother and family, Iyata overcame and decided to levitate her life, helping young children who grew up similar to her.

In her early years, Iyata grew up in a baptist church as a P.K. At the age of 16, independently and with the influence of her uncle, Iyata began to seek the livity of Rastafari. Seeking King Haile Selassie, Iyata has ventured into many professions and affiliations, from Radio personality to professionaly singing. Earning a degree in education, Safari volunteered and substituted at an Alternative High School for teenagers, and a couple of Primary schools in Jamaica. She also helped establish the first Chapter of The Ethipoian World Federtation Inc. in New Jersey while holding a position as Secretary and Treasurer.

In 2012 Safari met the President of Rebellion City, Bobo Rems, who sought to encourage the serious talent he saw in her. Since then Iyata Safari has been pursuing her musical career, beginning with her 1st major performance opening for Bushman in New Jersey. That performance was followed by a show in Springfield Massachusetts with the legendary Sammy Dread.

This songstress went on to perform at festivals such as RALAK FEST in N.C & VIRGINIA REGGAE FEST. Trodding overseas Iyata has performed at Lutan Fyah’s Earthstrong & Burn injustice splash and many other shows in Jamaica.

Iyata has performed with artist such as Midnite, Lutan fyah, Kabaka Pyramid, Sister Carol, Black Uhuru, Billy Ocean, Michael Bolton and Capleton to name a few. Iyata first single titled ‘Mama Afrika’ was produce by Mark and was Release by Rebellion city Productions. Her second single was recorded for the legendary wackies music title ‘I’m a Black Woman’. Iyata’s third single which is due to release in Feb 2016 titled ‘Revolution,’ will be produced by Riddim Yut’s in South Afrika & Dove Muzik in Chichago.

Iyata is currently working on her new EP which will feature Ras Attitude & Teflon iva burnin. Iyata
Safari’s mission is Revolutionary! Her goal is to educate through music. Her focus is Liberation,
Freedom and Redemption, and she always encourages REPATRIATION “or at least visit”.