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IRIE | RESPECT - Esther Sings - Fight For Your Life Fight For Your Rights

Esther Sings

Fight For Your Life Fight For Your Rights

Esther Sings echoes Life Rights with her new track, ‘Fight for your Life, Fight for your Rights.’

Esther Sings’s encouraging new single for African Voice Production, ‘Fight for your Life, Fight for your Rights,’ speaks to a call to action for people struggling or in dire circumstances and situations to hold on and persevere. The track was released recently and garnered international traction with its first week of sales on iTunes Reggae Charts in the Top Ten. Fight for Your Life, Fight for Your Rights encompass the artistes’ own life’s challenges as the unexpected death of her youngest child in 2008 left the singer, songwriter, author, entrepreneur, and her family in a daze as it was discovered that her five-month-old baby boy died in his crib, due to a fault in the design.

It was a discovery that caused about 2,000 cribs to be recalled from the stores. She also suffered a brain aneurysm as a survivor. Esther Sings says her career as a recording artist, songwriter, author, and entrepreneur keeps her grounded. She continues to share her life experiences to inspire others who may be going through similar situations. Esther Sings, born Esther Antoine in the Caribbean Country of St. Lucia, has been a singer, songwriter, author, entrepreneur, and recording artist in New York for the past 20 years.


As a youngster in her homeland St. Lucia, she started singing at eight, heavily influenced by her father, Gregory “Sewaynis” Smith, who was well-known for singing and playing guitar.

Esther Sings sang in the Church choir at an early age and sang in a duet with her younger sister as they ministered at various churches nationwide. She also sang backup vocals in various small bands at shows and engagements.

On arriving in New York, to make a better life, she met a producer who owned the production studio African Voice Production (AVP). There she found the opportunity to write and record her original music.

“Everything works in a sometimes completely uncomplicated and natural way,” Esther Sings observes about making her music. “To be able to perform her music in Jamaica and other regions is what Esther Sings says is her Life’s Journey.

Esther Sings also encourages the downhearted to value life as it is beautiful and what matters.” Staying strong and fighting for your life and rights.”

Esther Sings music is available on all major digital distribution platforms.