Respect | Empress Unification

Irie Magazine Cali Edition - October 2015 - Respect - Empress Unification

Empress Unification

Meet Empress Unification… a collective of Bay Area female artists who perform Reggae & World music in 5 different languages (English, Farsi, French, Portuguese and Spanish). Depending on the guest female artist, the performances may include Hebrew, Arabic, and Armenian as well. The purpose of EU is to highlight the works and message of conscious female artists who have championed the message of peace, love and unity, and to raise funds & donations for local women’s charities.

Members of the collective include ‘Irae Divine’, the Empressive SouLJah of Rastafari, who finds love and inspiration in Roots and Culture. Irae Divine’s main goal is to heal and uplift the massive with love, good music and Roots and Culture. San Francisco based artist ‘Razteria’ (aka Renee Asteria) can be described as a fusion of early No Doubt, Steel Pulse and Marissa Monte. Her multicultural background (US-born, Bolivian-Dutch heritage) has had a profound influence on her musical path. Performing in English, Spanish and Portuguese, her music has been described as ‘musically adventurous’ and ‘a one of a kind breaking of all rules’, uniting Reggae, passionate Latin grooves, Rock, powerful messages and musical genius.

Humanitarian and world traveler ‘Sol Atash’ infuses conscious multiculturalism in all her music, blending in the four languages that she speaks (Farsi, Armenian, French, English) while collaborating with other multi-lingual musicians, creating a series of positive Reggae songs that can be understood on pretty much any continent. Thru this vessel, she likes to bring awareness to subjects that she’s passionate about such as the environment, collective cooperation among nations & beings, healthy eating, food politics, natural healing, & more. ‘Ariel Marin’, the newest member of EU, was born into music. Her mother was a professional  rock & roll recording artist. Ariel’s music education began early and since then, she has done everything from rock, reggae, pop, r&b, hip hop, and gospel. She has a passion for the arts and inspiring creativity in others. Nuff Respect!