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Dre Tosh

Dre Tosh, born Andre Jamil McIntosh is a Singer/Songwriter, carrying on the family flame as he is the son of Andrew Tosh, grand nephew of Bunny Wailer and the grandson of the late reggae legend Peter Tosh, one of the founders of reggae band ‘The Wailers’. Dre Tosh hails from Gregory Park, St. Catherine, Jamaica where he finds comfort as it’s where most of his family resides.

Dre Tosh was born with ‘Reggaemylitis’ running through his veins but started his musical journey in 2011, after some profound inspirational words from his Grandmother. He realized that he had a craft that, if nurtured, could be one that brings him eternal happiness. Music for Dre Tosh has always been for the development of himself and others. His father, Andrew Tosh, (son of Peter Tosh), has always been one to inadvertently encourage his music in a positive way.

Being an avid song writer, Dre Tosh started recording his songs in 2013. This was the year he thoroughly started searching for his own way of joining the world of Reggae Music. In 2016 Dre Tosh made an impressive appearance with his father, on the stage of Rebel Salute, showing the world that he was ready to pick up the Tosh legacy and move forward.

The Peter Tosh Museum, an institution that has been long in the making, had a benefit concert in his honour of his Grandfather. Dre had a mightyful & well received performance from the attendance there in honour of the late great Peter Tosh. Dre also had the opportunity to perform on stage alongside Warrior King, who called him up on stage during his performance at the All Spice food and Reggae Festival for Kingston Music Week 2016.

Tosh is currently working on his first single entitled ‘Coming in Hot’, (one of his Grandfather’s songs that he remixed) produced by Calibud music and rehearsing with his band, The Stepping Razor band. There is also a video in the pipeline for this new single.