RESPECT | Don Hartley & Inspirational Sounds – Across Borders

IRIE | RESPECT - Don Hartley

Don Hartley & Inspirational Sounds

Across Borders

Fresh for 2023, straight out of Manchester and Bradford, UK, in combination style, projecting spiritual perspectives across the globe is the man Don Hartley alongside Inspirational Sound with one entitled ‘Across Borders’ in a deep roots reggae style featuring Don on vocals and a rhythm track produced, mixed and dubbed by Inspirational Sound. ‘Across Borders’ delivers a message of universal love through Don’s skilled wordsmanship, which is much needed in today’s world. The release also includes two slices of deep dub, breaking the rhythm down to its skeleton of drums and bass in the authentic analog dub style.


Don’s most notable works have been with UK-based Nucleus Roots on songs such as Deep Roots & Run Come Quick (2001), Irie Meditation / Step it up Rasta (2002 Universal Egg), and State of Mind (2016 Tribe 84 Records). Inspirational Sound is the powerhouse of producer Pete Dublab from Bradford, UK, who has been recording and mixing dubs since 1999 and has performed across the UK and Europe, recording and performing alongside the leading names in UK dub reggae. In 2009 Inspirational Sound was established as a record label to release its heavyweight production on vinyl.

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