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Rude Boy

If you consider yourself a sound system enthusiast or record collector, you should definitely keep the eyes on the crescent Mexican movement. During the last decade their register of promoters, sound systems, deejays, singers, producers and even dancers, has incredibly grown. This has provoked constant visits of all styles of international Reggae artists, mostly to Mexico City, Guadalajara and Tijuana, which has given local artistes major opportunities and inspiration to grow as professionals in the industry. One of those
talents to keep track of resides in the city of Tijuana, DANIEL I a.k.a. ‘El Capitán del Rub a Dub’.

Daniel I was born in September, 1986 in Mexicali, the hottest city of Baja California, México. Since he was a teenager, has been mainly influenced by the 80’s Digital Reggae from Jamaica and Panamá. In October of 2016, after moving to Tijuana, his first official single came out with a lyrical reverence to the sound of the Casio MT40, one of the most symbolic keyboards on digital reggae history since 1985. The song entitled “MT40” is a hundred percent work of Eskimo Attack, a promising producer from the aztec territory who’s
still on his twenty´s.

Rude Boy

IRIE™ | Daniel I - Rude Boy featuring Purple Man

Release Date: September 5, 2019
Label: Daniel I
Copyright: 2019 Daniel I
Total Length: 4:08
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Active for almost four decades as dancehall deejay, legend Purple Man recently visited the California´s frontier, thru a mutual friend ‘the general’ met ‘the captain’ and ‘RUDE BOY’ was born. The Side A song is a call to all young wanna be gangsters, to stay strong in the righteous path. This work inspired ‘VAN A CAER’ featuring Jahshua, one of the most prominent & experienced talents of Digital Reggae movement from Mexico.

Daniel I is still promoting his latest release and has scheduled a couple of more for the upcoming 2020 with producers from Brazil & Jamaica, just to mention some of the places where his talent and rub a dub latin style it´s being harvested.

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