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Todos Precisam Do Amor

What do you get when a renowned producer of the bass culture crosses paths with one of the prodigious talents of the new generation of Brazilian Reggae?

You get the album ‘Todos Precisam Do Amor’.

This incredible project was conceived by legendary sound engineer and producer Wagner Bagão aka Dubalizer, a partnership with the singer Marlon Onassis, known as Bob Marlon since he was a little boy on the backstage of Brazilian reggae.

Bob Marlon worked remotely with Wagner Bagão to produce the album “TODOS PRECISAM DO AMOR, which contains six original new songs and six more ‘Dub’ versions.

IRIE™ | Bob Marlon - Todos Precisam Do Amor

n a walk-through, the electronic beats, Trap, Ragga, elements of Brazilian Funk, and of course the good old Jamaican reggae gave way to the encounter with Bob’s melodic and powerful voice.

The result is what Wagner Bagão himself calls “Brazilian Electro Dub” and forms the basis for the lyrics that exalt the beauty of Marlon’s hometown, Natal; romantic moments and compositions that address resistance and faith as in collaboration with the veteran Solano Jacob in the track,”Prioridades”.

The future looks very bright for Bob Marlon and Dubalizer!


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