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Eelco Kastermans (Asher-E), aka ‘Riddim master’, is an all-round reggae musician, sound engineer and producer. For many years he has been the producer and sound engineer for Black Star Foundation.

Asher-E played keyboard in the Dutch reggae bands Higher Ground, The Irie Connection, Out of Many and dProcessor. One of his most recent projects is ‘Vreemde Vogels’.

Asher-E produces many dubplates and tunes for Black Star Foundation! Besides that, he works together with our artists on the production and recordings of new songs and riddims.

Asher-E produced the album, ‘Blaze Fire’ by Osagyefo (Ghana); 2 singles by Lady K-Wida (e.g. One Man Woman ft. Yellowman); ‘Dub & Dwars’, the reggae album by the Dutch rapper, Brainpower; the album ‘Black Star presents Vivian Jones’ with Jamaican singer Vivian Jones; the EP, ‘Exile Di Brave meets Black Star’, by Exile Di Brave (Jamaica) and ‘The Black Star Tracks’, by the Irie Lioness, Leah Rosier. Asher-E also produced the Black Star riddims, ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Rub-A-Dub’, ‘Lovely Girl’ and ‘World of Righteousness’.

Black Star Foundation is very grateful to Asher-E for all the work he has done during the years and the sharp and crispy sound he produces. That is one of the main reasons Black Star released a solo-album by Asher-E on melodica to put the multi-instrumentalist in the spotlight as a solo artist! The album, ‘Black Star Melodies’, was released on December 15, 2017, and is available digitally and on CD.

Trinidadian reggae singer, Marlon Asher, calls Asher-E, ‘The Riddim Master’! Now that’s Respect!

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