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One Life

RESPECT | Anju 1

Music was something that was always in Anju’s heart and dear to him. He always had a passion for music, but it was always a far fetched dream that seemed unattainable. Anju never felt like it was something he wanted to do professionally, mainly because he was always taught to do well in school and receive an education. Doing so allowed him to be fulfilled professionally, but it took a few major events in his life to force him to turn back to music. That was when he decided to jump in head first.

Not for what it could do for him professionally or financially, but for the release he needed. A release of emotions that he only knew how to achieve by the expression of music. It is his opinion that reggae music is the greatest work of art ever concocted and through it he can express himself in a way he couldn’t using any other medium. So Anju turn to reggae music, because it is his way out of himself, showing what is inside him.


IRIE™ | Anju - One Life

Release Date: January 7, 2020
Label: Anjuvination
Copyright: 2020 Anju
Total Length: 31:07
Total Tracks: 9
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

RESPECT | Anju 1
RESPECT | Anju 1

There is a freedom that one feels when indulging themselves into an ocean of self expression, and that is what music does for Anju. A freedom that allows him to reach inside and pull out things he would not be able to otherwise. Join Anju on his journey as he shares through what he considers one of the best, if not the pinnacle of musical expression, reggae music.

IRIE invites you to listen to the ‘One Life’, the debut reggae album from Anju that brings you on a journey of joy, pain, loss, victory and hope.

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