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Nueva Alianza

“I sing for all people who want justice in the world.”


Alika was born in Uruguay in a working class family in the the 70´s. Her mother with very strong ‘Guaraní’ roots was born in Paraguay and her father was born in Uruguay, so they lived in Montevideo during Alika’s childhood. At the age of 6 they moved to Argentina, where she made her scholarship career. Her interest on other cultures force her to study History. In 1994 she founded ‘Actitud Maria Marta’, one of the first rap bands of Argentina with Dálessio. They performed a lot of shows and were known by the press as a ‘revelation’. They only recorded one album entitled ‘Acorralar a la Bestia’ (1996 Polygram).

Alika started her career in 1994 with a band, but she quickly took wing and set up a solo career which leaded herself beyond her expectations! Recognized too as an hip hop artist, Alika wakes the reggae world in Argentina with engaged lyrics, breathtaking energy and remarkable stage presence. A Molotov cocktail which almost crossed the entire planet!

Alika decided in 1999 to start with her own project based on the Rastafarian roots culture, standing out by her clear and direct lyrics that talk about respect, dignity, and the system oppression, the confidence in oneself and the everyday problems in the ghetto.

Even the genius Mad Professor started to be interested by this woman with a bright future! He produced her 5th album in 2009, a jewel which convinced the genre experts and permitted her to expend her talent in all over the world.

“Alika is the Reality of Roots, the Kindness of Reggae, Dancehall Strength and Sincerity of Hip Hop.”


Her charisma and presence on stage have allowed her to take her show to festivals, theaters, clubs, schools, hospitals and even prisons in different cities arround the world —including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, United States of America. France, Spain and Andorra—marking a truly amazing career for someone who to this day remains an independent artist.

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