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Abijah Lioness

“If I have uplifted, empowered, or inspired at least one person with my music, then the gift that Jah has given me is not being used in vain.”

Abijah Lioness

Meet the newest Queen on the reggae scene… ABIJAH LIONESS!

Abijah Palmer also known as Abijah Lioness or ‘Fyah Lioness’, was raised in Southern New Jersey and has a natural passion for music. Being raised in a family with roots from Jamaica, it was clear that music and reggae was her calling. Inspired by her father, who was a singer and guitarist, Abijah Lioness (‘Fyah Lioness’) began sing-ing at an early age and began writing songs at the age of 13, grooming herself into a natural artist. Abijah writes lyrics that resonate deep into the heart, soul & spirit.

As well as working on her solo material, she is also the former lead singer of Philadelphia’s reggae band, ‘Wareika Hill’. She is a soulful vocal powerhouse having a voice that demands to be heard. Her vocals and music style has been compared to a female Garnett Silk, Etana, as well as Lauren Hill.

She has had the fortune to perform in Philadelphia, Delaware, New York & New Jersey—sharing the stage with great reggae artists such as Cocoa Tea, I-Octane, Luciano Jah Messenger, Chronixx, Turbulence, Exco Levi & Yami Bolo. Spreading her vocal talent & musical message inspired by love, consciousness and JAH.

Abijah Lioness has appeared on numerous releases including the Rockaz Talking Riddim (2014), with Ras Ijah on the dub track, ‘Divine’; on Unidade 76 Records’s reggae music compilation, ‘United in One Heart’, with her track, ‘Every Day is a Blessing’ (2014) and on UniRidd’s Togetherness on Ground release (2013) with the track, ‘Balance’.