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They’re simply, ‘8’. Jamaica’s first real boy-band. All from the award-winning Jamaica College band.

The boy band, ‘8’ has been hitting the local scene with several performances over the past few months since the band was formed. They’ve been performing many covers of popular songs, but, now they kick things off with their debut single, ‘School Boy Anthem’, which resounds the dilemma of every young, teenage male who has ever had a crush.

Aside from that common bond of ‘True Blue’ blood, we also share a genuine love and passion for music; music of all genres. Though we are teenagers, (ages 16-19) we’re humbled to have been told our musicianship and performance skills are well beyond our years. A truly Jamaican product with a touch of “boy-band” flare. Ready to energize, ignite and entertain for any occasion.

Since being formed on May 26, 2017, the band has already had stellar performances for the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference, the Governor-General’s Achievement Awards, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Victoria Mutual Building Society, the World Bank for the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Ernie Smith’s Solid Gold concert, celebrating Smith’s 50th year in music, and most recently, at the Governor-General’s I Believe Initiative’s National Youth Consultative Conference.

Members of ‘8’ include Matthew Gillespie, Moses Estick, Jhada Dwyer, George Campbell, Bradley Dodd, André Bacchus, Adrian Bacchus and Jordan McLeary.

Whatever your need…8 is enough. #8isenough

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