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Dubmatix meets IRIE

War, Peace and Dub

Yes, I! The War, Peace & Dub Remix Selections are officially in!

IRIE would like to join Dubmatix in thanking everyone for sending in their remixes for this inaugural and ongoing fun event. Michelle and I would also like to thank Dubmatix for inviting us to be a part of this IRIE Dub event!

Dubmatix launched the War, Peace & Dub Remix with the simple goal of just sharing music and bringing positivity. The event received two hundred twenty remixes, far more than Dubmatix had anticipated. It was a fantastic journey for Dubmatix, Michelle, and me to listen to all the remixes.

Dubmatix writes, “To each of you that spent many hours working on your Remix – thank you. You all did a wonderful job of bringing your vision to the song. We received remixes that were Cumbia, Jungle, Dance, Dub, Breakbeat, Afrofunk, Downtempo, Hip-hop, and more.”

We hope you enjoyed this first remix experience and will join us again for the upcoming Dubpistols remix launch on March 1st.

IRIE is proud to support Dubmatix. We share his vision of helping bring a little recognition to the artists.

We will be back again for this next chapter in 2 weeks.

Here’s our list of selections (no particular order)

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