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Hollie Cook

Dance in the Sunshine

IRIE’s September 2019 edition of RELEASES is here featuring new music from Hollie Cook (cover) along with Yaadcore, Akae Beka, Lutan Fyah, Clinton Fearon, Samora, Maxi Priest, HIRIE, Somah + Nova, Tjerk + Liquid Sunshine, Sierra Drive Sounds & Tenor Youthman meets King Toppa.

September 2019

IRIE™ | Releases - September 2019

Hollie Cook – Dance in the Sunshine
Akae Beka – Better World Rasta Dub
Yaadcore – Ready Now
Lutan Fyah – Longest Livah ft. Johnny Live
Samora – Keep My Fire Lit
Clinton Fearon – History Say
Maxi Priest – It All Comes Back To Love
HIRIE – You Won’t Be Alone
Somah + Nova – Heart Sprint
Tenor Youthman meets King Toppa – Gods
Tjerk + Liquid Sunshine – Where You Gonna Run To
Sierra Drive Sounds – Easily ft. Jon Quan & Jon Petronzio


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