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Ziggi is a Slovenian-born reggae selector and entrepreneur, widely known not only for his always Irie reggae selections and positive vibes but also for his worldwide famous Ziggi Rolling Papers which over the years has become a necessity for every true herb smoker.

It all started 25 years ago when Ziggi – smoking herb and working on his first package of filter tips originally shaped in a small book which formed a neatly handmade key holder – first heard Peter Tosh’s ‘Legalize it’! He dived into the exploration of reggae music and started his personal Rasta journey. Reggae vinyl’s, Irie riddims, custom-made filter tips, rolling papers and spreading awareness about cannabis became his life mission. And he is far from being done. His DJ path began in 1992, playing reggae records at the hangout spots in his hometown Ljubljana’s. Five years later he organized the first reggae bashment in Slovenia’s capital, which makes 1997 the year DubTafari Sound was born. After that, it all came naturally; collaborations with various reggae artists, hundreds of dubplates, hundreds of parties, and annual visits to Jamaica where he spends months enjoying reggae music and Rastafari livity. Last but definitely not least – in 1998, he was the first one in the world to put an idea of rolling papers and tips in one package into reality. That was followed by an additional patented fold-out tray in 2009. Today, you almost can’t find a reggae festival in the region that he and his Ziggi team would not support. He comes there fully armed with his Ziggi rolling papers, high grade rolling equipment and a Soundsystem full of reggae selections.

Ziggi is proud to support young artists, athletes, and musicians. Culture is very important in our society. Being aware of that, Ziggi is trying to bring it closer to young and old through its channels.

ZIGGI Interview

IRIE. Can you share with IRIE how and why you came up with Ziggi Rolling Papers?

ZIGGI. When I was a youth in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the 1990s, first time getting in contact with Cannabis, there were no filter tips so I started to cut them. Soon the first Ziggi product, a Ziggi filter tips booklet was made, then followed by the production of keychains with filter tips. Later on, I smoked so much herb that I needed rolling papers by boxes, not by packs. A new creation was born… papers and filter tips combined in one product for the first time. And we never stop pioneering and soon after we gave birth to URS, our Ultimate Rolling Solution, that also integrates a tray for the ultimate convenience. Besides the innovations, first priority always was the best quality of all the materials used. It still is – up until today, almost 30 years later. I wonder what my spirit will come up with now.

IRIE. How did your hemp papers come about?

ZIGGI. As I look back in time I see it was subconscious guidance. Cannabis was well hidden, not accepted yet and was illegal and I saw you could make everything out of it from paper, fabric, plastic, food, medicine. Herb is Jah’s blessing and Mother Earth gives us the opportunity to use it in many sustainable ways, so for me, it was a natural step forward to create the Hemp Ziggi Rolling Papers, making them from 100% natural hemp fibers. Again I can only give credit to the plant itself because I used a lot of it and that is how cannabis shows me what is needed. The newest line of Ziggi rolling papers we named “Ital” with which we are trying to make the whole more conscious about natural livity.

IRIE. Why should Cannabis be legalized worldwide?

ZIGGI. Illegal cannabis is an illegal human. Because we are cannabis, part of it in nature’s evolution, in Jah creation. As I see and hear, plants are trying to communicate with us in a way that we could understand. Then (after we can do that) they give us the ideas or we are able to grasp ideas for humanity that previously did not exist. And one of these is that we should put cannabis in the middle of the community and let cannabis lead us, cannabis-centered, not human-centered. It’s in Jah’s plan. It is not that nature lacks intelligence but that our concepts do. For millions of years, all plants have been generating oxygen that is necessary for life. Let’s not forget what is really important. We should not even try to limit the powers of Rastafari.

IRIE. Why are Cannabis and Hemp important to you and to our planet?

ZIGGI.  Cannabis made us for a reason that we don’t know yet. As I currently overstand, what cannabis told me, is that we are only using 5% of our brain/spirit capacity because we only use 5% of the power that cannabis has to offer to humanity as a whole.

One day cannabis told me the sun is THC and the moon is CBD and all other cannabinoids are other stars and planets. Hmm .. Then as we are created in this evolution by cannabis that provides us with all we need. As cannabis manifests itself thru us, the whole gets more and more conscious. Cannabis is consciousness. Cannabis is food for the spirit and as I overstand it cannabis said that we should consume as much food for spirit as we physically consume food for body…

As I overstand cannabis, all plants are mutations of cannabis. We hardly know anything about these things yet. It`s time we start to listen to what cannabis and Rastafari have to tell us through reggae music and let Jah cannabis lead the way. Cannabis is holy. Cannabis is the creator. The creator is one being, we all are one in the spirit, we all are one thru cannabis. Zion on Earth. Give Thanks for Life, Jah Rastafari!

IRIE. Happy 420, ZIGGI!

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