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Irie Magazine World Reggae Edition - December 2015 - Respect - Shuga

Image Credit: © Nickii Kane


Misty Campbell is a Jamaican international recording artist and winner of the competitive national TV program, Jamaica Digicel Rising Stars (J.D.R.S – 2009). Best known as ‘Shuga’, the artist adapted her moniker depicting the sweet sugary sound of her vocal ability. Embodying the spirit of a rebel with positive messages, Shuga’s mission is to create music for her fans that is reflective and relatable to real life situations. With her vast talent for singing and songwriting, she continues to grow as an artist and perform amongst the most sought after reggae artists in the world.

Shuga began her professional career as ‘Brown Shuga’ in 2005 while touring with reggae artist, Tanya Stephens. Her talent provided a path for her to experience singing in front of multitudes of people all over Europe, the Caribbean, and North America. Her gift of song connects her with a passion for music, which she attentively pursues with all of her heart. In making the decision to follow her destiny as a solo artist, she has fully personified the complete journey, performing from intimate to large scale audiences and being invited to appear as a celebrity guest at various events. In 2011, her diligence led her to Penthouse Records where she met Donovan Germain. Dropping ‘Brown’ from her name, she became simply ‘Shuga’, and has since been represented under the prestigious Penthouse Music Label.

The music of this sultry songbird has been known to rock the airwaves, and crowds, both ‘yaad’ and abroad. Her discography includes hits such as ‘Complicated Love’, ‘9.58’, ‘Give my soul to Jah’, ‘Ride di Riddim’, ‘Ebony’ (2014 Black History Month tribute), ‘In Deh’, ‘I Threes Medley’, ‘Seal up again’, ‘Crime Scene (Johnny Dead)’ and ‘Banana’. Over the years she has worked alongside renowned producers and musicians; Sly and Robbie, Boot Camp Records, Computer Paul Henton, Donovan Germain, Jah Snowcone, Riff Raff, Silly Walks Discotheque, and Scrucialists.

With her vast talent and enthusiasm to entertain, Shuga has graced main stages at many international festivals. Her presence made known, she has performed at the infamous Reggae Sumfest (Jamiaca), Tribute to Bob Marley (European Tour), Reggae Festival (Curacao), Reggae Jam (Germany), Reeds Festival (Switzerland), Casalabate Music Festival (Italy), Yaam (Berlin), Reggae Geel (Belgium), Level the Vibes (Germany) and Rototom Sunsplash (Spain) to name a few.

As she finalizes her highly anticipated EP, Shuga’s fans can expect a delivery of quality music and soulful performances every time she touches the stage.

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