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Constructed in the confines of his own introversion, Roiall, born Brandon Wedderburn, from St. Catherine, Jamaica, found expression in song-writing and freestyling. Identifying mostly with the musical genres on BET in the 90’s, Roiall’s inspiration resonated with the raw expression in conscious hip-hop and the awareness these artists brought to their listeners. Having heard of his father attempt a singing career when he was young did impact him growing up. But seeing his career not succeed impacted him more. So much that when choosing his artist name, he paid homage to his father ‘Royal’; but using the original old English spelling and committing to taking his artistry further than his father was able.

Debuting locally in Jamaica on Magnum King & Queens in 2015 Roiall was quickly coined as the most lyrical & charming of his round. He effortlessly won the peoples support with hits like ‘Rasta Bwoy’ that wittily takes you through the all to predictable ‘Rasta man – Police scenarios’. Other unreleased singles that have taken to the underground scene like ‘Lyrical Library’, ‘W.Y.K.B.D’ and ‘Shut Up’ serve up grimey beats that listeners who follow the UK/US urban music industry will find easy to rock to.

Roiall’s particularity in his sound and image can be seen in his involvement in every level of the production of his music. From producer and engineer to creative director and at times even videographer, Roiall’s music is himself from vision to execution. His grimy deejay vocals paired with trap/hip-hop beats makes for a unique addition to the ZincFence Label. Always bringing stunning visuals to compliment his mood setting music, he continues to grow his artistic abilities.

Roiall’s persona, keen observations about society and his witty examination of everyday life inspires his lyrical commentaries that uniquely break down everyday scenarios and the often too fallible everyday people involved in them. At times his harsh criticism of society and those that participate in it can be hard to swallow, but often the truth is hard to swallow. 

Listeners can be on the look out for an album in 2017 working with producers Teflon of Zincfence Records and SOS Dynamics.

Featured single ‘WOLVES’ is due to launch before the year is done.