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Keep It Burning

Equal Rights & Justice

Last month, Soul Majestic’s new compilation album, ‘Pass It Around’, landed on the top 10 reggae downloads on iTunes, sharing the charts with artists like Damian Marley, Rebelution and Iration. It wasn’t a surprise to us or their fans. Having experience Soul Majestic perform live at Cali Roots Festival 2015, we understand why they have become a household name with the reggae audience. They aren’t your typical cali reggae band. This west coast band from Santa Barbara, CA, has managed to create their own original reggae sound, one that gives proper respect and homage to the roots reggae tradition while infusing their varied musical influences, from Rock to R&B, Folk to Reggae.

To describe their live show, first imagine both male and female lead vocals interweaving over steady, thumping bass and drums, textural, bubbling organs and keyboards, with sweet yet gritty lead guitar licks and innovative, tasty percussion overlay—occasionally mixing in the sizzling sounds of brass. Add to that a well-crafted set of songs with messages of community, self-worth, struggle, joy, action and love—sonically ranging from massive beat-based sound to sensitive ballads.

A Soul Majestic concert in a nutshell: unique and sincere songwriting, soul-shaking reggae grooves, and a spontaneous, uplifting, and crowd interactive stage show.

IRIE Magazine had a chance to catch up with Soul Majestic who are currently at work on their next album, ‘Keep it Burning’. We invite you to discover our family… SOUL MAJESTIC!