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Just Dread


Just Dread is a nine-member reggae band from Aigio, Greece, representing love, unity and justice through their music journey for a better tomorrow. Just Dread started as an idea which emerged in 2014 by Gobey (Lead Vocals) and P-Gial (Guitars) after they decided that the world would have to deal with the ‘One Love’ ideology of peace and unity through reggae music. 

Along with the band co-founders, Stylianos Gavrihlidis (Drums) and Dimitris Antonopoulos (Bass), they started rehearsing until all the pieces of this musical atlas came together with the following members: Gobey (Lead Vocals), P-Gial (Guitars), Stylianos Gavrihlidis (Drums), Dimitris Antonopoulos (Bass), Fotis Athanasiou (Tenor Saxophone), Giorgos Babarakos (Trumpet) and Danae Vlataki (Keys & Backing Vocals).

Together as a group, Just Dread released their first EP, ‘Feel The Conscience’, on July 2015. Their first official music video for ‘Feel The Conscience’ premiered on October 2015, with the music video for ‘I’n’I’, releasing on November 2015.

A few months later, Emily Tsavala (Alto Saxophone) and Markella Kouliatsi (Backing Vocals) joined the band. After a year of rehearsals and live shows in Greece, Just Dread recorded their first full length reggae album that is going to be released in 2017. The first single from the upcoming album called ‘Positive’ was released on October 5th 2016 along with the band’s music video.

Just Dread’s music is a journey between reggae music and african culture combined with sensitive revolutionary lyrics as a message to the modern society, approaching the essence of life, humility, love and positivity.