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Fabiana Rasta

The Female Grave of Maranhão

The daughter of a Bahian father and Maranhense mother, Fabiana Rasta is a native of Bahia but grew up in São Luís, where she assimilated to the Maranhesne reggae culture for her music career. Her career began in 2000 in afros blocks, then with a few reggae bands on the island before embarking on a solo career. Her musical influence includes Jamaica’s roots reggae decade (‘70-90) and the great divas like Reggae great, Marcia Griffiths, Dawn Penn, Judy Mowatt, Rita Marley, Dezarie and also singers like Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Whitney Houston but without ever forgetting the strong influence of Brazilian music like Ed Motta, Sandra de Sá, etc.

Fabiana Rasta have been one of the representatives of Maranhão reggae to local, national & international level having performed in Teresina, Bethlehem, Macapa, Fortaleza, Floriano & Barbalha in Brazil and recently in countries like Italy and France.

As a singer, she has perform duets with Derrick Morgan, Cedric Myton, Kenyatta Hill, Lloyd Parks and Fauzi Beydoun. As a songwriter, her songs ‘Que Beleza’ and ‘Tranças Rebeldes’ have been released on CD Magazine, Reggae Brazil, in São Paulo. She also participated on the movie soundtrack of ‘Moleque Té Doido’ with reggae songs ‘Reggae me Faz’ and ‘Tranças Rebeldes’ to name a few. She competed for the best singer of Reggae music nationally (sponsored by ‘Bong Productions’) and won as featured female and also came in 3rd and 2nd place in 2012 and 2013.

The Female Grave of Maranhão, as she is known in São Luís, has already lauched three EPs; a ‘CD Promo’ released in 2013, ‘Fabiana Rasta Live’ in 2014, this which was taken from a pocket show with Tribo de Jah and ‘Fabiana Rasta meets LHDub’ in 2015.

The artist also has a rich audiovisual work, having released three clips and three first clip DVDs. The first clip was recorded in São Luís with the theme song, ‘Que Beleza’ and the second was recorded in Paris with the theme of the song All the Youth. The third clip was recorded in Italy in honor of Bob Marley singing ‘No Woman, No Cry’, acoustic style. No touching their DVDS, follows the order: the first in 2013, Roots Capital – tribute to Gregory Isaacs in Teresina, the second in 2014 Fabiana Rasta & Band Teresina; the third in 2015, Fabiana Rasta & Band in St. Louis.

Fabiana Rasta posesses a serious and strong voice and her performances are filled with charisma and charm, representing the feminine force in our national reggae.