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DJ Mika Raguaa


Meet DJ Mika Raguaa. In Germany she is known as the little ‘Wonder Woman’ behind the deejay decks. Her passion for Caribbean music has taken DJ Mika Raguaa all over the world while turning her into a personality. She is known for high quality mixtape productions as well as for being a passionate live performer.

Her musical influences come from European and Caribbean dancehall music along with the new sounds of in Soca, Dancehall and Reggae. DJ Mika Raguaa also includes other music styles like Moombathon, Trap and Twerk as inspirations. Her heart comes alive for the vibes from all the Caribbean islands including Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, St. Lucia, Barbados and Grenada.

After seven years of honing her DJ’ing skills all over Europe, she got into the Caribbean scene and proved herself as a DJ. She started building a fan base and returned to Trinidad Carnival 2016 for a DJ-Tour and to educate culture and music behind the scenes. She was also one of the finalists of the first International Soca DJ Competition in the capital city (Port of Spain).

DJ Mika Raguaa is one of a few female DJs in Germany and well-known in many German cities like Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart or Leipzig. She has also performed in her original country of birth, Poland, as well as Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, France and even Macedonia. She’s not just a DJ. She has established her own fashion label called ‘LOOK PON MI’ and organized many events in different parts of Germany. She’s also completed media scientific research about ‘the role of a DJ’ in relation to Caribbean music at two different Universities. Here latest mixtape project is ‘DANCEHALL BASHMENT – Sex Sells Edition’ which she describes in her own words as…

“A seductive, diverse and large-scale mixtape production with the special idea of make people come together to come closer and get physical … Yes, … this is for you!

What i have been putting together are sensual and lyrical Dancehall tracks with a sexy deep touch, combined with exclusive remixes, a lot of nice sound effects and excursions to music genres like Chilltrap, Twerk, Moombahton and even Booty Bass… Artists from Jamaica to New York City, from Nigeria to Florida, from Amsterdam to Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago show you how to turn on the Dancehall or the private situation! Surely i also want to introduce some new artists that really deserve a little view on their work… I talk about Jelani (whose song ‘Fantasy World’ will be released very soon”), Black Starr, Jez Blenda, Dwayne Rose & Krishane … I just found them all on my research and i feel i want to share the vibes with you…

In the mix are the latest hits, new influences and good old classics in a 3 hours super selection… dedicated to those that like it extra long – to have a good time together – from the first moves to the final physical attraction… Enjoy!” – DJ Mika Raguaa

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