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Dada Yute

Lion of Israel

Dada Yute has had an extensive music career on the road. He has performed all over Brazil and abroad. His shows have taken him through Jamaica, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Portugal, France, among others. He has appeared on programs like Jô, on the network Globo, SBT and Manos e Minas with Ras Bernardo on TV Cultura. The show was presented in almost all of the Brazilian states including Belém, Maranhão, Bahia, in the Carnival of Salvador in 2013, Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Circo Voador, Minas Gerais, Brasília and São Paulo, singing in houses such as SESC Pompéia, SESC Vila
Mariana, SESC Santo André, Teatro Core de Sonoridades and Credicard Hall, at the opening of The Wailers.
Cauê Granello aka Dada Yute, was born in São Paulo, Brazil, on December 7, 1986. He began his musical career at the age of 17 as a background vocalist for one of the biggest Brazilian Reggae bands, ‘Lions of Israel’. Dada Yute was featured on their second album, ‘Palavra Viva’, where he recorded his first hit song entitled ‘Sofrimento Ùtil’. The band toured all over Brazil, following legendary artists like Gregory Issacs and Clinton Fearon, ‘The Gladiator’. The group was invited and participated in the World’s Largest Reggae Festival Jamaica’s Rebel Salute in 2006. The culture shock of what he saw in Jamaica drove him to want to learn English and in 2008 he returned to Jamaica alone for the second time on a pilgrimage to gain knowledge and experience.

Returning from Jamaica, he began to take on the lead vocals of the band and then began to develop his solo work together with producer and DJ Gustavo Sola (Gustah EchoSound) carrying conscious messages of cultural rescue, added to the beats of Nyabinghi music and rhythms contemporaries to sweet melodies and contagious vocals.

Dada Yute who was influence by great legends like Bob Marley, The Mighty Diamonds, Junior Reid and new generations singers, Hugh Mundell, Garnet Silk, Yamy Bolo, and the Nyabinghi peace drumming chorus from Bobo Hill in Jamaica where Dada Yute journeyed to learn from elders in Jamaica about the King of Kings Haile Selassie l First Ancient King of Creation and the Rastafarian way of life. His music carries a message of Cultural Awareness. ‘Love til the End’ and ‘Mo Fya’ are just a few songs from his diverse catalog that addresses how to over come difficulties in life with faith, just cause and courage.

In 2015, Dada Yute recently release his EP entitled, ‘Zion Bird’, featuring five solid tracks, including the new singles ‘Love till The End’, ‘Filho de Jah’ featuring Michel Irie and ‘Ganjah Lips Woman’. ‘Ganja Lips Woman’ was produced by Gustah who leads the beats of the drums for the band ‘Timbalada’.

In 2016, Dada Yute recorded the EP ‘Another Gun Buzz’, which includes the hit ‘Rototom City’, the official theme of the festival ‘Rototom Sunsplash 2016’, which crowns its second participation in the event, accompanied by the Royal Reggae Band and DJ Gustah. In addition to participating in the festival, his new tour includes shows in cities like Barcelona and Vigo, Spain, and Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal.

In 2017 – The Video Clip for the song ‘More Than Food’, Recorded in La Callada (Barcelona) and with the
Direction of the Photographer and documentary artist Fabio Bitão and by Gustah Echosound was launched, having in the Casting: the dancers of the BundemSquad and Edgar Ortiz (Mapuxe Sounds).

The ‘Ganja tune’ had great repercussion in Europe, and in Brazil with more than 100 thousand views
on You Tube in the first two days post release.

A video clip of the band Cidade Verde Sounds was released, in partnership with Dada Yute and Hélio Bentes (Ponto de Equilíbrio). After that, he released 3 new singles ‘Naturalmente’ feat Tropkillaz, ‘Apaixonados Por Experiencias’ with Ultra420 and “Marielle presente” in tribute for his life fight and struggle.

Now Dada Yute is on the Project Jah Van produced by (Bid, Fernando Nunes and KukiStolarski) with the lion of Israel band.  Bringing 10 songs from Djavan one of the biggest artist from Brazil of all times in
reggae version… Dada Yute responsible for bring the Jamaican vibz doing backing vocal harmonize all songs and record the song ‘Samurai’ one of the most popular brazilian hits. Apart of Dada Yute, big artist like Ivete Sangalo, Seu Jorge, Arnaldo Anrunez, Fernanda Abreu, Zelia Duncan, Criolo and more present on the album. The project supost to go road in March.

Dada Yute is about to go into the studio invited by DOGZ (Sergio, Ruxel and Pablo Bispo) to produce a full album featuring 5 official release is coming. DOGZ has produce songs for Anitta, Pablo Vittar, Lulu Santos, Glória Groove Recently produce the new album for Iza the next ting one super singer from Brazil nominated Latin Grammy 2018.

The album will be a very big production worth a fresh language for young generation and will bring
different beats all combine with reggae especially Trap with Reggae. Artists like Matue, Iza Alexandre
Carlo from Natiroots and Ponto de Equilibrio will appear on the album and many more. The album is
suppose to release in the second half of the year. So wait for it!!!