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Cure My Pain

In the golden era of Reggae, it was said that the music reflected strong messages of Rastafari and was the sound of the ghetto, as it, often referenced the dilapidation of the sufferer’s environment.

Being the son of Veteran Recording Artist Donovan Joseph and the cousin to the crown prince of Reggae Dennis Brown, Autarchii, is adamant about continuing the mission of Reggae’s golden era. His lyrics and melodies seem to be fiery and educational at the same time.

Autarchii has had the pleasure to be a mentee of the late legendary Wayne ‘Sleng Teng’ Smith, who taught him many ins and outs of the music Industry at the tender age of 17.

The name ‘Autarchii’ is a depiction of ‘autarchy,’ which means absolute rule or power. It was officially placed on him by his cousin, who believed that his revolutionary approach to the music would make him inextinguishable.

2017 saw Autarchii releasing his debut album entitled ‘Land of the Free’, which was distributed by VPAL Music. Reggae Vibes Magazine, a Netherlands based Magazine said “listening to Autarchii’s first full-fledged album is a mind-blowing experience”.

The prowess of this ever growing artist led him to open concerts for numerous amount of Veterans such as: Horace Andy, Inner Circle, Anthony B and The Mighty Diamonds. He was also a key vocalist on the ‘Roots and Reality’ EP released by Bent Backs Records, for which he recorded the song ‘Shashamane Living’ with Fari Difuture. Roots and Reality EP debuted at number 2 on the charts in Japan.

While on a 2 week promotional tour of Canada to promote his debut album, Autarchii received an award from Reggae Xclusive Magazine, acknowledging him as the ‘New Voice in Reggae’.

He is most known for the song entitled ‘Grow’, which was originally done by his father in the early 90’s. Autarchii recently teamed up with Dub Rockers Label (A subsidiary of VP Records) to release a follow-up single entitled ‘Cure My Pain’ on the ‘High Society Reggae’ compilation, which is a seductive marijuana love song that personifies the plant and educates the masses about its healing benefits.

Additional to all the success that Autarchii has reaped thus far, he plans to release a free project called ‘Red A Red I-tape’ in Fall 2018. The young roots artist also urges his supporters to look out for his sophomore album sometime in 2019.

Red A Red!