Phneest – Falling

IRIE | Respect - Phneest - Falling



Discover Phneest, a musician with a deep passion for creating music that speaks to the soul. Inspired by his father’s love for music, Phneest began playing drums at the age of 8. He soon picked up the bass guitar and learned to sing and play piano through his experience in the choir.

After attending a music production course, he worked in several music production studios, developing impeccable production skills that are in high demand today. Phneest’s music is a unique blend of Gospel roots, Hip Hop, Afro, and R&B, with a vivid imagination.

But his journey has been challenging. Phneest is a soul on a journey, fighting his demons and striving to make a difference in the world through his music. There have been times when the darkness seemed to consume him, and the dream of creating music that truly spoke to his soul seemed impossible.

However, he refuses to give up. After years of fighting, he stands ready to pursue his passion with all he is. His music reflects his journey, blending soulful lyrics, haunting melodies, and meticulous production to tell the story of my struggles and triumphs. In 2024, he began learning to play the acoustic and electric guitar, adding another layer to my musical expression.

Phneest hopes to inspire others to never give up on their dreams through his music.