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Morning in Gideon featuring Jerry Wonda

Born with Maroon heritage into a musical family, Cezar’s father co-founded Ashanti & Bamboo Records in London. The labels produced reggae geared towards the large West Indian population in the UK & helped fuel Europe’s long-standing love affair with Jamaican music. At less than a year in age, his family returned to Jamaica, concerned about securing their son’s cultural identity. His father’s record collection was where Cezar discovered & became hooked on the sounds of Marley, Tosh, Cliff, Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Armstrong, Donny Hathaway, Otis Redding, Bob Andy & a myriad of others. The voices on those records kept his company while his father was at work daily & through their stories & emotions, he learned early lessons about life.

His journey, musically speaking, began while he was at Howard University in the US, where he began writing and recording as a hobby. Cez taught himself guitar after attending a show in Washington DC & finding a guitar pick that R&B singer Raphael Saadiq had thrown into the crowd. After earning a degree in Architecture, Cez returned to Jamaica & set about achieving his musical goals. His subsequent releases secured a host of fans and garnered steady airplay, as did his videos. His music and production contributions have found rotation on stations across the Caribbean and worldwide, including BBC, XM Radio, Sirius, and many others.

IRIE™ | Cezar - Morning in Gideon featuring Jerry Wonda

Morning in Gideon featuring Jerry Wonda

Release Date: May 27, 2021

His many collaborators include: legendary producer Tony Kelly, Steven ‘Lenky’ Marsden, Delano Thomas of Renaissance, Al’borosie, noted dancehall producer Jeremy Harding, Curtis Richardson, Austin Leeds, Stephan Schulmeister of Bush House, producer David Kennedy and, the legendary Jerry ‘wonder’ Duplessis. He has also written for many other artists such as Tami Chynn, Wayne Marshall, Empress, the late Bunny Rugs of Third World, Maya Azucena & more.

This writing ability placed him second in the world music category of the International Songwriting Competition for the masterfully penned ‘Keep On’. The remix of this song earned Cezar the honor of being the first Jamaican and only Caribbean artist to have a song endorsed and licensed by Coca-Cola International, who used it as part of their Beijing Olympics campaign – complete with a limited edition Coke bottle bearing his name! He has since earned writing credits on Sean Paul’s multi-platinum ‘Trinity’ album and has been honored by ASCAP in their Pop Music and Rhythm Soul music awards categories for credits on Tinashe’s smash ‘2 On’.

Cezar has been covered by major local newspapers and local and international magazines and television networks, including BETJ, VH1 Soul, Centric, Tempo, The Fader, Riddim Magazine, L3 Magazine, Posh, MACO, and more. At a time when audiences seek out deeper content and meaningful lyrics as much as catchy hooks, Cezar is an artist for today and tomorrow.

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