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Keep on Singing

If there’s one thing that the world needs right now, it’s being able to see the rainbow through the rain. Alborosie’s latest track, “Keep On Singing,” is on a mission to help do just that. But Alborosie is not just another artist who sings about looking on the brighter side of life; he embodies it too.

This is where Alborosie stands out and truly makes a difference.

Making a name for himself as the artist who can do it all – a writer, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, AND DJ by trade – the Sicilian-born and Kingston-based, modern reggae wunderkind, Alborosie is now spearheading the resurgence and revival of Jamaica’s music scene through his numerous releases and several high-profile festival appearances worldwide. As a result, Alborosie has consistently won over the respect and admiration of both the worldwide reggae scene and even casual music fans.

And that course is holding steady and is expected to bring the artist to even greater heights with his latest release, the aptly titled and highly infectious, “Keep On Singing.” Characterized by its chilled, relaxing rhythms, sing-songy lead vocals, beautiful instrumentation, and soaring backing vocals, fans both in and out of the genre will surely gravitate towards the music and the comfort it is expected to bring them.

“It’s a motivational song, for people to keep positive – I feel it’s the right message to send out there: to tell people to find and keep their strength inside going,” Alborosie explains when asked about the genesis and inspiration behind the song. “It’s very simple: sing a song, and it’ll make you feel better,” he adds, and when asked how he is able to channel the positivity into creating such a compelling lyric. He reveals: “I don’t let the environment change my perception of who I am and what I need to do, so I keep focused… I don’t look at the outside – but rather, I look at the inside.”

Made available through music label Evosound, Alborosie’s “Keep On Singing” will indeed become a crowd-favorite anthem immediately upon listeners’ first spins. In fact, even Alborosie himself is calling it, as early as now:

“I know that this is a single that is going to be well-received,” he claims, and reveals further: “I’ve been working hard with Evosound –they are a great label to work with, and we’ve always done well and plan to continue doing well with efforts like this; I’m willing it and know it will definitely happen for us… It’s always been about the love for the music, and the rest is history-in-the-making.”

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