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Attila (born Davide Musca, 1986) is one of the most interesting voices on the Italian dancehall and reggae scene. In 2009 he formed a prolific partnership with Italian producer Mighty Cez: releasing ‘The EP’ which contained hits like ‘Promises’ and ‘Oh Mamma Mia’!

Attila’s sound is the sum of three dimensions: the reggae tradition, the power of dancehall music and the strong presence of hip hop rhythms. His first album, ‘You Neva Know Me’, released in February 2015, is a clear representation of his versatility across reggae, dancehall and hip hop.

December 2016 took Attila & Lampa Dread (One Love Hi-Powa) outside Europe on a successful Argentinian tour which spread his name through South America. 2017 brought a collaboration with Italian rapper Egreen on the “Bengala Mixtape”, highlighting further artistic growth.

Smiles and Troubles

IRIE™ | Attila - Smiles and Troubles

Release Date: March 22, 2019
Label: Attila Muzic
Copyright: 2019 Attila Muzic
Total Length: 32:59
Total Tracks: 10
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

The beginning of 2019 saw this talented performer start a new career path with the release of his second album, ‘Smiles & Troubles’, (produced by Massimo ‘Niam’ Minato alongside contributions from GuIRIE). ‘Smiles and Troubles’, is Attila’s first pure reggae album. The singjay – known as one of the new Italian dancehall generation’s most powerful voices – presents his skills across ten tracks, which not only display his artistic and song-writing maturity but also the ability to create a complete and coherent album.

‘Smiles and Troubles’ is a step forward for Attila’s delivery and message, where every song and every rhyme are the full representation of his life and mind-set. ‘Smiles and Troubles’ has been conceived, voiced and composed to be a milestone in Attila’s artistic journey. ‘Smiles and Troubles’ embodies, via its music and words, the obstacles faced by the artiste, as well as his passions and values. Attila chooses to use reggae as message music: as a weapon, upending all clichés, adapting it to his reality, with no loss of its original force.

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