Irie Magazine | Respect | Jahmiel
2018, Respect, September 2018 - World Reggae

Respect | Jahmiel

Photography By: Suit Pics BussWeh Photos Jahmiel Jamaica During a recent interview on a national TV program (Jamaica), Onstage, Reggae / Dancehall artist Jahmiel shared with host/creator Winford Williams exclusive information about his debut album. Set to release the first quarter of 2019, Jahmiel seemed very pleased with the body of work already laid out […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | FoOlish
2018, Respect, September 2018 - World Reggae

Respect | FoOlish

Photography By: Colin Smith, Daniel Cook, Grace Turnbull FoOlish Canada FoOlish is ​an original reggae trio from Montreal warming the Great North with sweet reggae vibes. This power-trio combines a meaningful mix of reggae, rock, ska, and dub into infectious riddims that will have you dancing your worries away. Their playful improvisations and mashups ensure […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | JahJah
2018, August 2018 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | JahJah

JahJah Jamaica Portmore award winning artiste JahJah, the critically acclaimed R&B singer have steadily been making waves musically, gaining radio airplay both locally and internationally with the blend of Reggae/R&B/Dancehall. Singer/Studio Engineer Jahmai “JahJah” Smith, born February 15, 1988 grew up in Kingston, Jamaica with parents who are themselves both accomplished musicians. His father, legendary guitarist Earl […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Andy Bassford
2018, August 2018 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Andy Bassford

Andy Bassford United States Photography By: Stephen Paul If you love reggae, you’ve heard Andy Bassford play guitar. It’s that simple. From Horace Andy’s 1977 classic ‘In The Light’, to 2018’s Sting/Shaggy duet ‘44/876’, Andy has recorded or performed with reggae artists from the Abyssinians to Zap Pow. In April of this year, Andy released […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Che'nelle
2018, August 2018 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Che’Nelle

Che’Nelle Malaysia / Australia / United States As dancehall and reggae music becomes more prevalent in international mainstream music, Asia’s love affair is nothing new. All facets on dancehall and reggae has always been not only loved and respected, but often emulated. The latter very descriptive and embodies pop singer Che’Nelle who was born in Malaysia, […]