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Ziggi Mastah

What better way to end our 420 issue than with an exclusive interview with the veteran reggae selector from Ljubljana Slovenija, Ziggi, aka Dubtafari Sound. You read about Ziggi earlier in our ROCK Feature (founder and inventor of Ziggi Earthwide rolling equipment). Now learn about his other passion, Dub Reggae!

Founded in 1997, Dubtafari Sound has produced Dubplates from Tarrus Riley, Raging Fyah, Protoje, Jah9, Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Hempress Sativa, Exco Levi, Sizzla Kalonji, Luciano, Capleton, Jah Mason, Chezidek, Anthony B, Natty King, Perfect, Tony Curtis, Yellowman, Kiddus I, Eek A Mouse, John Holt, Horace Andy, Max Romeo, Yami Bolo, Mighty Diamonds, Al Campbell, The Heptones, Earl 16, Daweh Congo, Sylford Walker, Jr. Murvin, Anthony Johnson, U Brown, Johnny Osbourne, Prince Alla, Llyod Parks, Pupa Kojak, Macka B, Khari Kill, Ossie Gad – Natural Ites, Donovan Joseph, Ernest Wilson, The Jays, Elijah Prophet, Hopeton James, Burru Banton, Mikey General, Ras Mac Bean, Carl Dawkins, Top Cat, Naptali, YT, Jamalski, Mr. Williamz, Bongo Chilli, Daddy Freddy, Tarantula, Day Jah, Dan Man, Edge Michael, El Condorsito, Kandi Man, Ziggi Recado, King Ali Baba, Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal, Kenny Knots, Gold T, Ruff Scott, Fitta Warri, I-Razor, Tony Anthony, The Uprising Roots, Rebellion, Raldo Asher, Marlene Johnson, K Vibes, Deliman, Ras Bogle, Speaker Davis, Jahn Naddo, Rasta Yout, Exile Di Brave, Infinite, TJ aka Likka Briggie, Micah Shemaiah, JahKime, The Gideon, Walter Saw, Fred Locks, Cali P, Derajah, Paketo, Gubu, Joe Daddz, Samory I, DXL, Tuff Like Iron, Alex Marley, Rocker T, Warrior King, Dexta Malawi, Rassi Hardnock, Ruffi-Ann, Jahmeila, Ras Nile, P.0, Ras Marlon and Soul Tree… the list goes on and on! Seriously! And there’s no stopping the Ziggi Man!

Without further ado, IRIE Magazine presents an exclusive interview with Dubtafari Sound!

The Interview

IRIE. Take us back to your childhood. What kind of music did you grow up with?

Dubtafari Sound: As a child I was experimenting with all styles of music. And as a teenager I listened to a lot of rap and hip hop music. I liked the marijuana lyrics in the songs a lot. Smoking herbs lead I to reggae music. When I first heard Peter Tosh’s ‘Legalize it’, I started getting crazy about reggae music.

IRIE. Do you remember when you were first introduced to reggae music?

Dubtafari Sound: I remember back in the days when cd’s and cd players arrived on the market. They were very expensive. We were visiting my uncle, who was always ahead of the game, and he had a cd player and a few cd’s. One of those cd’s was a Bob Marley cd which I chose to listen to.

IRIE. I have been immersing myself in your work. Where do you get your inspiration from?

Dubtafari Sound: I always give thaks to Jah for the inspiration that I get thru music and smoking herbs.

IRIE. Can you take us through a dub plate production?

Dubtafari Sound: Well, first you have to know what you want. You listen and like a lot of reggae music, and as a sound man you want to get dubplates. You customize/personalize the tune. You can put your own message in it. And as Cocoa Tea says, “One thing is selector and one thing is an owner”. When you know the artist and the tune you want, you link up with the artist, go to the studio and voice a dubplate. Normally in the studio you get the raw split tracks. You mix them later to have proper sound quality. Now you have it in digital. You can also press them on vinyl.

IRIE. Is there an artist that you haven’t worked with that you would like to produce a dub plate with?

Dubtafari Sound: I have worked with more than a hundred artists already and there are still hundreds more that I would like to work with.

IRIE. What other genres of music do you listen to?

Dubtafari Sound: It’s all about reggae, everyday. Rarely do I find the time to listen to some rap, hip hop, or anything else.

IRIE. What’s the next project planned for Dubtafari Sound?

Dubtafari Sound: This year marks 18 years since Dubtafari Sound has been in business. To celebrate the occasion, I plan to make a special dubplate mix. In January and February, I toured Jamaica. I am now ready for the rest of the world.

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