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Olivia Wilmot

By Touch The Road

Meet Olivia Wilmot of Earth & The Fullness and stream their first single, Awakening

There are many fascinating things to say about nascent reggae band Earth & The Fullness, its beautiful
lead singer/songwriter Olivia Wilmot, and the refreshingly different music they produce. Having almost organically created itself through an informal listening session at Jamnesia Surf Camp/music hub— call it right place, right time, right people— the band’s sound strings together authentic reggae, with elements of such highly acoustic genres as Nyabinghi, alternative, ska, and dub. It has a very airy, meditative feel and rightly so, considering its name which also came about progressively. Everything is earth and the fullness. I am Earth and the Fullness. So are you, Olivia says. We agree and delve deeper in search of the inspiration behind it all.

Touch The Road first got wind of her through this video on YouTube a few months ago and immediately reached out — we had to have them on our festival! Naturally they killed it and we’ve since grown from fans into full-blown advocates, after all, this is the kind of music the world needs, especially with all the turmoil going on, but let’s backtrack a bit.

A few years ago, Olivia was so far removed from her current school of thought that despite sharing space at Jamnesia in Bull Bay, St Thomas, as part of the internationally acclaimed Wilmot family, she had yet to truly connect with the spiritual enlightening she now embodies. And, yes, we’re talking Mystic Revealers vocalist Billy Wilmot and his progeny of artistic/surfing talents. Based in Bull Bay, St Thomas, (less than five minutes from the Wickie Wickie Beach House where we held our festival), it also happens to be the venue for Jamnesia Sessions, which was instrumental to the Reggae Revival. Olivia’s Awakening happened around 2009-2011 and was spurred on after she had her first child, a daughter, then met a Kemetic yogi who helped revolutionize her thoughts and ideals, allowing her to start asking fundamental questions.

Prior to that, she grew up in a Christian home, went the traditional education route, studying Psychology and Anthropology as education disciplines and describes herself as always living in fear, terrified to pursue music and in a tireless search of herself. A far cry from the composed, conscious Rasta Empress we saw simultaneously rocking the mother/artiste hats on stage—who would have thought she once had (and is still working on overcoming) severe stage fright?

Olivia, who says she was born and raised in a bubble in Kingston, is now living the difference as an
example for her children whom she homeschools herself with a mix of traditional and unschooling methods. She’s come into her own spiritually, musically and found the right team to create and manifest her messages with. Awakening, the band’s first official single, is true to their experimental reggae sound. She wrote it while vibing on guitar by the Portland seaside and through it, invites the listener into her thoughts and emotions as a newly empowered woman. The song’s message is simple… We truly are free. Anything else is a challenge to live free and make the change, you have to live that change.

But who exactly is it intended for?

The audience is who will take the time to listen. Reggae is the King’s music, it’s for everyone. If I
can contribute to that, bringing energy to healing spaces, progressive initiatives, upful gatherings,
persons who might feel down, then it’s an honour. I’m doing my part, going where the Ancestors guide.
Honouring the process. I’m humble to it and working with time and guidance. It’s a journey and it’s not just about music. It’s about life, cultivating livity, she explains. We couldn’t agree more. Touch The Road is thrilled to share this inspiring, free-flowing roots music from the soul with you, our IRIE family. Tune in, enjoy and thank us for introducing you to one of your new favourite bands. — Tami Tsansai

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