Dub (Duhb) is the art of making a remix, especially a reggae song, in which the lyrics are all or partially removed and the focus is placed on the drum track and the bass.

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Studio Dubs Part 1

Daniel Rossmann aka Dubsynaticx, was born in Vienna, Austria in 1982. From an early age he was a big fan of Inner Circle, Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, UB40 and many other performers from the ‘90s, but his passion for Reggae and Dub music was inherited from his father. As a young child, Daniel also discovered and mastered the synthesizer, drum machine, guitar and piano.

Greatly inspired by the Dub mixes of Scientist, Mad Professor, King Tubby and others, Daniel quickly started to create his own Dub singles. Keen to develop his professional technical skills, he participated in various sound engineering workshops and continues to maintain his expertise in sound engineering.

His first web album ‘Powerful Water Dub’ debuted on the internet in 2005, receiving a plethora of positive feedback from Reggae and Dub fans all over the world. In 2007, he released his first official single ‘Sunshine Dub.’ Other projects soon followed in collaboration with such great artists as Madi Simmons and Sammy Gold.

Dubsynaticx was one of the first artists approached by Dub Thomas back in 2013, as the Dubophonic netlabel was taking its first steps.

‘Studio Dubs Part 1’ is his first release on Dubophonic and is currently available as a free download, sharing it’s Irie vibrations with the world at large. Daniel Rossman’s inspiration has always been the works of the great dub masters of Jamaican music and this is clearly heard in his work.

Nevertheless, he manages to add his own personal tweaks using his expert sound engineering skills, setting his own style and killing it with his vibe intense 10-track dub album. ‘Studio Dubs Part 1 is made even stronger by the inclusion of three vocal tracks and the guest appearances of Sammy Gold, Madi Simmons
and Goldtea.

The tracks have a retro skanking dub feeling, yet still sound fresh and vibrating. Whether it is due to the Irieness of ‘Dubconscious’, the skanking guitar riddim of ‘Salt and Pepper Dub’ or the heartikal singing of Madi Simmons on ‘Love Serenade’, the album succeeds in spreading these positive vibes in all directions. It’s a tribute to the old kings of dub music that shines through the mist of the digital steppa age of today and, as the title implies, there will be a Part 2!

In 2013 Dubsynaticx launched his own record label ‘Tone-Echo Music’ under which he released his single ‘Shining Dub’ in March 2014. Now available online, ‘Invasion’ is the first official album on his Tone-Echo label, consisting of 10 new Dub tracks mixed by the artist himself.

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