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ROOTS | Cannabis – The Healing of the Nation

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which [...]

ROCK | Groundation – One Rock

Photography by: Carla Henriques More than two decades into a storied career, GROUNDATION returns this [...]

REGGAE | It’s 420 – Grow A Plant

Artwork by: ZOOLOOK That’s right… it’s 420, the official name of the unofficial holiday for [...]

RESPECT | Arky Starch – Grow A Plant Riddim

Born and raised in Belgium (Turnhout), Arky Starch is an accomplished bass guitarist who plays [...]

RESPECT | Micky B – Give me the Empress

Mireille Boudewijns, aka “Micky B,” is a singer/songwriter and recording artist from Antwerp. Her voice [...]

RESPECT | Razteria – Wu Wei

Photography by: Capitan Walas Razteria creates eclectic multilingual pop music with vocals reminiscent of Sade, [...]

RESPECT | Samora – Higher Meditation

If you don’t know Samora, you’re missing out. This girl is on fire and gives [...]

RESPECT | ZOOLOOK – Natural High

Artwork by: ZOOLOOK A diehard comic book fan and an avid reader of fiction/horror/sci-fi novels [...]


IRIE celebrates 420 with the April 2022 edition of RELEASES featuring ZOOLOOK’s ‘Soul Rebel Dub’ [...]