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REGGAE | Stonefrenge: The Fourth Kind

Stonefrenge The Fourth Kind Photography: Veston Smith On October 31, 2021, IRIE’s founder and Editor-in-chief, [...]

REGGAE | Miranda XX – No Woman, No Cry

Miranda XX No Woman, No Cry Photography: Andrew Merritt Meet Miranda XX, a British Singer-Songwriter [...]

REGGAE | David Cairol – Reggae Music

David Cairol Reggae Music After two studio albums well received by both the public and [...]

REGGAE | Dubmatix – ReWired

Dubmatix ReWired Dubmatix is back with a scorching studio album titled ReWired. The ReWired title [...]

REGGAE | Jo Elle – Soul Journey

Music is Jo Elle’s home, and her heart has been beating to reggae for years. [...]

REGGAE | Don Hartley – Black Moses

Over the past three decades, Jamaican-born and raised but now UK-based reggae artist Don Hartley [...]

REGGAE | Lil Obeah – Sound of Art to Come

Bucureci Obeah is a curator, musicologist, art director, and entrepreneur with over 15 years of [...]

REGGAE | Stonefrenge – Reggae in Space

Our September REGGAE feature shines a spotlight on a select group of artists who have [...]

REGGAE | Jamaica 60 Independence – Re-igniting A Nation For Greatness

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence, IRIE presents TIDAL’s 60 Years of Jamaican [...]

REGGAE | Dub Rebels

In this special DUB edition of IRIE, we re-introduce you to three extraordinary DUB rebels [...]

REGGAE | L’Entourloop – La clarté dans la confusion

L’Entourloop La clarté dans la confusion (Clarity in Confusion) Photography by: Royx & Befour Meet [...]

REGGAE | Arky Starch – Bass It Up

Arky Starch Bass It Up Born and raised in Belgium (Turnhout), Arky Starch is an [...]