Cowarobot R1


Irie™ Guide Winter 2016 - #01



The First Robotic Suitcase

COWAROBOT R1 is a fully autonomous smart suitcase, that follows its user while avoiding obstacles in its path. We have merged “high tech” with the suitcase, in hopes that our new creation will allow people to travel more conveniently.

Free Your Hands

COWAROBOT R1 senses your movement and follows you on its own. It is designed to completely free your hands, allowing you to fully enjoy life even when you are on the go.

Eyes On The Road

The R1 can see and feel the world around it. Using the patented depth sensor, CO-EYE, a set of sonar and cliff detection sensors, R1 is constantly collecting and sending data back to the CO-MOVE autonomous following system.

  • Moves at a speed of 4.5 mph
  • Go up and down slopes of 15°
  • Runs for 12.5 continuous miles when fully charged

Irie™ Guide | Tech - Cowarobot R1

Cowa Robot is a robotic company located in Shanghai, Shenzhen, San Francisco and New York.

Founded by a group of robot enthusiasts with industrial robot technology, determined to design and produce consumer robots.







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