Ganja Vacations

Isn’t it time for a real vacation?



Ganja Vacations

It’s probably been more than two years since you’ve been on a real vacation. Isn’t it time?

And with all the covid-related pain, worry, and isolation of the past couple of years, you have every reason to want to make this next trip an extraordinary vacation. A holiday to remember.

Why? Because you deserve it. So, how about a ganja vacation? In JAMAICA! With GanjaVacations.

It’s very easy to book a ganja vacation

We know that cannabis was how many weed lovers survived the covid lockdown, but now that restrictions are easing everywhere, and people feel safe again to travel overseas, wouldn’t it be nice to spend a few days in an easy chair, in the sun, by the pool or on the beach, on an exotic island with a spliff in one hand and a cold Red Stripe in the other? You can do this. And for far less than you think. How?

By visiting – the only place for information about cannabis vacation experiences in Jamaica. Plus, scores of curated vacation packages are ready to book. GanjaVacations allows you to research, plan and book a ganja vacation from the comfort of your living room couch or kitchen table as easily as on any of the well-known hotel booking sites.

More than 100 ganja friendly resorts in Jamaica

The GanjaVacations website currently features more than one hundred boutique ganja-friendly properties at price points that range from budget to luxury. Canna tourists have their pick of locations that include popular tourist towns like Montego Bay and Negril as well as off-the-beaten-path districts 3,000 feet up in the mountains and small, quaint, out-of-the-way fishing villages. All the properties offer a ganja forward experience with access to quality local strains. In some cases, grown on or near the resort property – not the schwag that many tourists are accustomed to buying from the red cap at the airport, the taximan, or some rando seller on the beach. In almost all cases, the ganja immersion begins minutes out of the airport with a visit to a dispensary for an introductory taste before the ride to the resort.

Our ganja vacationers are very happy

Our ganja vacationers have been raving about their experiences in Jamaica. One recent review says: “Choosing GanjaVacations is one of the best decisions I have ever made …. it was the safest trip I have ever taken … the pickup at the airport took us to a dispensary for our first taste of Jamaican weed.” Another said: “This is one of the most unique places I have ever been … it’s not obvious when you first show up, but you soon realize that ganja … is all around the beautiful mountains surrounding the retreat.”

No problems travelling to Jamaica

It is very easy to travel to Jamaica. Currently, all you need is a negative covid test 3 days before departure. GanjaVacations has a very liberal cancellation policy which gives a full refund up to 3 days before departure; a full refund is also offered for any covid related cancellation. And ganja vacationers need not worry if none of the curated packages featured on the GanjaVacations website meets their exact requirements; they can all be customized. An agent is always available at [email protected] or (888) 524-2652 to assist canna tourists in finding the ganja vacation perfect for their needs, timetable, and budget. So, what’s your reason for not planning that ganja vacation you so badly need and deserve. We cannot think of any.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Jamaica Mon!