Miranda XX

No Woman, No Cry


IRIE | Miranda XX - No Woman, No Cry

No Woman, No Cry

Jan 7, 2023

Time: 03:38
Genre: Reggae


Miranda XX is a British singer specializing in Jazz, Funky House Pop, RnB, Soul, Blues, Reggae, and Motown styles! She has a smooth sound with a rich tone that you will never forget!

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IRIE. Take us back to your roots. How did you get started in music?

MIRANDA XX. On a Sunday, my sisters and I would clean the kitchen after my mum cooked a Caribbean dinner. We then listened to David Rodigan’s reggae show, and I would always stand up on the dining room chair with a broom in my hand as a mic stand, pretending to sing in front of many people.

IRIE. Did you know from an early age that you would have a career in music, particularly reggae music?

MIRANDA XX. Initially, I listened to pop music and gospel music, but when I was dragged to Caribbean dances with my parents, I would watch my parent’s friend’s band that performed SOCA and Revivals. I enjoyed it and thought I could do something like that.

IRIE. Who were some of the musical influences that inspired you to become the soprano artist you are today?

MIRANDA XX. Celine Dion, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khana, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston.

IRIE. Where do you draw inspiration from when writing and performing new songs and lyrics?

MIRANDA XX. My spiritual alter ego guides me into a groove of music with God’s blessings.

IRIE. You sing in multiple genres including jazz, funk, rnb, soul, blues, reggae and Motown. Do you consider reggae as your first choice of music to write and perform?

MIRANDA XX. My spiritual alter ego guides me into a groove of music with God’s blessings.

IRIE. Is there a song that you’ve written or performed that resonates most with you? If so, why?

MIRANDA XX. I wrote the song, Take Things Slow, because I felt I needed to take things slow because the world moves too fast, and we don’t see things clearly. We need to understand and respect each other more, but we need love, peace, harmony, and joy.

IRIE. What do you hope your fans and first-time listeners take with them after listening to your music?

MIRANDA XX. I want them to feel my passion, patience, inspiration, and creativity and take their breath away as it does when I perform live.

IRIE. What’s in store for Miranda XX in 2023?

MIRANDA XX. New music with inspiration and positive vibes is coming soon.

IRIE. Is there anything you would like to say or share with the IRIE audience?

MIRANDA XX. I want to personally thank IRIE for featuring me on their cover for March 2023. It’s an honor, a privilege, and a blessing because I always feel IRIE.

IRIE. Maaad Love & Respect, Miranda XX! Bless up!


Miranda XX

United Kingdom

Meet Miranda XX, a British Singer-Songwriter who sings authentic Reggae music. She had written an RnB song which was converted to reggae music by Asher-E Productions with the support of Empress T on her radio station (Always reggae radio). The track, Feelings, was well-received with great acknowledgment on Spotify.

Since then, she has written other singles, including the dance track, Friday Night, and Greater, a grime track with her son, Rottweiler.

Miranda XX also wrote a song called Take Things Slow, a Lovers Rock song that received a massive response on Spotify and from Radio DJs.