IRIE | Reggae Magazine December 2020

Issue #07.12

ZOOLOOK releases its December 2020 edition of IRIE™ featuring the IRIE 100 for 2020! This special playlist edition of IRIE celebrates the reggae artists who managed to keep the reggae music flowing during this unprecedented times (Alborosie)!

A message from IRIE

Yes, I! We come to the end of another year of IRIE. It was a very challenging year for everyone. Our reggae community lost some extraordinary people to COVID and, we will remember them in our loving memory. Rest in power, Idren. Your spirits live on!

IRIE wants to give thanks to the reggae artists who found ways to make the best of these serious times to be creative and produce reggae music. Your music gave us hope and help support those in need. And like the sacred herb, Reggae Music is the healing of the nation.

We will return on January 7, 2021, to begin our 8th year of IRIE. Look for a new schedule release of IRIE happening on the first Thursdays of each month.

For 2021, let’s all remember to ‘RESPECT’ each other, and in the words of Spirit Revolution and Sugardaddy, let’s all try to ‘Share some love’!

As always, we thank you for supporting Reggae music!

Happy Holidays and a Blessed New Year from IRIE!

Stay safe and IRIE family!


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IRIE™ Magazine | REGGAE - IRIE 100

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