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Roots | From Spark to Raging Fyah

Irie Magazine | Roots - Raging Fyah

Raging Fyah From Spark to Raging Fyah Regarded as one of Jamaica’s most promising young acts, the band Raging Fyah makes music that is tethered to their island’s enduring, much emulated roots rock reggae tradition yet is distinguished by an expansive vision that propels their musical journey forward. The five piece band from Kingston, Jamaica, […]

Rock | On The Road

Irie Magazine | Roots - Fyah Squad

The Fyah Squad On The Road For most up and coming bands, touring is a major milestone to look forward to. What else could be better than traveling around the world, playing your music to audiences that came out to enjoy your band grace the stage all night long? ‘Going on tour’ has also been […]

Reggae | Everlasting

Irie Magazine | Reggae - Raging Fyah - Everlasting

Raging Fyah Everlasting One of few self contained groups (as opposed an artist’s backing band) within contemporary Jamaican music, Raging Fyah is now poised for a significant impact upon America’s vast reggae landscape (dominated by homegrown bands) with the Spring 2016 release of Everlasting, their debut album forVP Records’ Dub Rockers imprint. Recorded live at […]

Retreat | #WWMFJA2015

Irie Magazine | Retreat - WWMFJA2015

#WWMFJA2015 Just over six years ago, before the Reggae Revival movement began, a virtually unknown band of starry eyed, frustrated, reggae musicians conceptualised an event. The young hopefuls were hungry for a success that seemed elusive despite their talents and hard work, so they devised a plan to get their music out there. The idea […]