Irie Magazine | Roots - Aura Lewis
Roots, 2016, March 2016

Roots | Aura Lewis

Aura Lewis The Chronicles of Reggae Aura Lewis (born Aurelia ‘Aura’ Grace Msimang on March 4, 1947) was a South African singer who worked with Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff and recorded an album with Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in the late 1970s. Early Life and Career Aura was born Aurelia Msimang in Western Native Township, […]

Irie Magazine | Rock - Joan Webley
Rock, 2016, March 2016

Rock | Joan Webley

Joan Webley Nanook Enterprise Joan Webley’s love of music is one of her primary reasons for trying to aid the development of the arts in Jamaica. This passion for music, combined with a multicultural upbringing, has shaped Joan’s career. She studied and worked in the entertainment industry in Melbourne, Australia for seven years. While completing […]

Irie Magazine | Reggae - Sahra Indio
Reggae, 2016, March 2016

Reggae | Sahra Indio

Sahra Indio Original Bush Mama In 2003, Sahra Indio (Olumeye Records) released her first album entitled ‘Good’s Gonna Happen’ (one of four full-length albums), marking her arrival on the reggae scene. ‘Good’s Gonna Happen’, considered a pop-reggae crossover album by many, became Sahra’s signature song, winning the Unisong International Contest, Reggae Song Of the Year […]

Irie Magazine | Respect - Olivia Wilmot
Respect, 2016, March 2016

Respect | Olivia Wilmot

Olivia Wilmot By Touch The Road Meet Olivia Wilmot of Earth & The Fullness and stream their first single, Awakening There are many fascinating things to say about nascent reggae band Earth & The Fullness, its beautiful lead singer/songwriter Olivia Wilmot, and the refreshingly different music they produce. Having almost organically created itself through an […]

Irie Magazine | Respect - Kelissa
Respect, 2016, March 2016

Respect | Kelissa

Kelissa By Touch The Road Raised in the inspirational hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica, Kelissa developed a natural inclination for music, largely influenced by a Rastafari and reggae upbringing. With parents as lead vocalists in the original reggae band ‘Chakula,’ creation and appreciation of music were constant features in her home. Kelissa sojourned with her […]

Irie Magazine | Respect - Keida
Respect, 2016, March 2016

Respect | Keida

Keida In 2009 Makeida Beckford, more popularly known as ‘Keida,’ emerged as a new talent on the Jamaican Reggae/Dancehall scene with her debut single, ‘Jamaican Boy’. The single became an instant radio hit receiving airplay locally and internationally. This paved the way for a great number of collaborations with well acclaimed musicians and producers alike. […]

Irie Magazine | Respect - Iset Sankofa
Respect, 2016, March 2016

Respect | Iset Sankofa

Iset Sankofa Sounds Without Borders Iset Sankofa forges ahead of the turntable constellation with a stunningly refreshing kinda sound. This is the ‘all genres considered’ milieu… where dusty Malian Blues takes a night stroll with Dub, Naija Hip Hop flirts dangerously with gritty Kingston Dancehall and bubbly Brazilian Electronica steams a peace-pipe with Afro-Jazz Futurism. […]

Irie Magazine | Respect - Shanique Marie
Respect, 2016, March 2016

Respect | Shanique Marie

Shanique Marie Shanique Marie, formerly ‘Shanz’ emerged on the scene primarily as a Dancehall vocalist. Born in the Reggae Mecca, Jamaica, with a first love for Jazz, she decided she wanted to do something more. Facilitated by the innovative music production duo, Equiknoxx Music, team Shanique Marie carried the experiments far and wide. One notable […]

Irie Magazine | Respect - Kayla Bliss
Respect, 2016, March 2016

Respect | Kayla Bliss

Kayla Bliss Brooklyn born with Jamaican blood best describes the places from whence Kayla Bliss comes. She rides reggae riddims like Sanchez or Marcia Griffiths, still taking inspiration from legends like Anita Baker and Roberta Flack. She writes her songs, taking cues from Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. Lastly, she gives it a modern bounce, […]

Irie Magazine | Retreat - Akae Beka Live - Midnite in Kingston
Retreat, 2016, March 2016

Retreat | Akae Beka

Akae Beka Live Midnite In Kingston On The Radar: Akae Beka’s performance in Kingston, Jamaica History will be made at the Hope Gardens Shell Bandstand in Kingston, Jamaica, on Saturday, March 26 at the Midnite In Kingston show headlined by Akae Beka, (Vaughn Benjamin), former lead vocalist of celebrated reggae band Midnite, alongside rising reggae […]