Irie Magazine | Reggae | Christos DC
2017, December 2017, Reggae

Reggae | Christos DC

Christos DC Honest Music The artist/ producer Christos DC (aka Christopher Vrenios) was born and in Washington, D.C. by parents who sang opera and taught voice professionally. He takes his name from his Greek heritage, using a nickname given to him by his grandmother to represent the lineage that set the tone of his musical path. It was […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Kenyatta Hill
2017, December 2017, Respect

Respect | Kenyatta Hill

Kenyatta Hill Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Kenyatta Hill’s career as a singer began the day his father’s ended.  Joseph Hill, the lead singer/ songwriter of the legendary Jamaican trio Culture, passed away in 2006 while on tour in Europe. Kenyatta, then the band’s sound engineer, stepped from behind the mixing board and onstage to deliver […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Zafayah
2017, December 2017, Respect

Respect | Zafayah

Zafayah Zafayah is a versatile artist and a reggae pioneer in his own country, Bulgaria. A lyrical talent and a producer, he is on a mission to spread the message of love, tolerance and overstanding. At the moment, Zafayah is working on a new EP heading into a more rootical direction as well as on […]

New Reggae Releases September 2017 featuring Patois Brothers

Irie Releases – September 2017

September 2017 Welcome to the inaugural edition of IRIE Releases, the newest addition to the IRIE brand. IRIE Releases is a new publication designed to give artists a dedicated platform to share their new reggae releases with the IRIE audience. Each month, we highlight new and upcoming albums, ep, singles, riddims and mix tapes from […]