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Format: Paperback, 408 pages
Publisher: Marksman Studios (December 9, 2016)
Genre: Fiction
Edition Language: English
ISBN-10: 1902934504
ISBN-13: 978-1902934501


Power is the Ultimate Seduction

Cloaked in secrecy and privy only to the rich and famous, 69 is in the business of fulfilling your sexual fantasies.
Adonis Campbell is its instrument and he’s the best at what he does.

A master of the art of seduction and satisfying a woman, Adonis is a handsome, streetwise gigolo, who with his high-tech crew has carved out a piece of future L-Town’s lucrative prostitution business.

But being the best means having enemies.

A run of the mill sex scenario turns out to be far from routine as the well heeled client who had paid for his services turns out instead to be his girlfriend bound, beaten and very dead.

But that was only a message.

In hours his whole crew will be assassinated and he’s to be next.

Aided by a smooth and connected Triad mobster who claims to be his girl’s brother he goes in search of answers. But with all the leads pointing to a corporate conspiracy, Adonis is caught between finding the killers of his crew, evading bounty hunters on his trail and satisfying the string of horny women on 69’s exclusive books.

Anton Marks grew up in Jamaica and was enamored by its characters, culture, history and swagger. He had no option but to write. He wanted to frighten, amaze, confound, arouse and thrill readers with an imagination fuelled by the island and his love of genre fiction and film. His first novel began a trend of bestsellers that would transport readers to the ghettoes of Kingston Jamaica in Dancehall, futuristic London – In the Days of Dread, government agents in – Bushman, the futuristic world of vice in – 69 and a supernatural thriller – Bad II the Bone. His next offering will be a young adult fantasy novel entitled – The Last Prince of Alkebulahn and the second in the Bad II the Bone series Good II Be Bad. Expect great things as the Marksman continues writing the most creative and exciting novels in the new Urban Fantastic genre.

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