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Zion Healer

Zion Healer, born Wondy Seyfert, is a reggae musician from Ghana who is known for his fusion of English and Ewe, a language mainly spoken in the Volta Region of Ghana, over strong reggae beats with traditional African rhythms.

This talented musician is gaining a growing reputation for revolving the lyrical content of his songs around spirituality, anti-war, social consciousness, roots and revivals, resistance against oppressors, and romantic declarations. His relatable lyrics and strong singing ability allows him to deliver his music aesthetically.

In 2015, he headlined Alliance Francaise’s “Fete De La Musique” (World Music Festival) Reggae Edition in Accra. Many of the fans at the concert were highly impressed with his performance and favours him to be one of the major reggae artists from Ghana.

In December 2016, he embarked on a peaceful election campaign in Ghana through his live acoustic sessions dubbed “Take Guitar, Not Gun”. He is highly rated for his zeal to revive roots rock reggae music in Ghana.

On August 3, 2017, he premiered the video of his song titled ‘Tribute’, a cover of Lucky Dube’s song titled ‘Crazy World’. The video is an irresistible groove that enthralls a listener and viewer with a reflecting mood as he sings about injustices meted out to heroes.

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