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Xana Romeo

Xana Romeo was born Azana Makeda Smith on August 26, 1994, in a small community called Greenwich Town, in Kingston Jamaica. She is the youngest daughter of reggae veteran Max Romeo. Xana has been playing around with music her entire life but recently, in 2014, decided to make it her career choice. In the early 2000’s, Max Romeo moved with his wife and kids to a place called Treadways, located in Linstead, St Catherine, Jamaica, where Xana finished school and currently resides with her parents and siblings.

Xana is the manager of her father’s business, Charmax Music Enterprise, which includes the Red Ark Recording Studio and Charmax Music label. This is where all her tracks are recorded, mixed, mastered and produced. Working alongside her dad, Max Romeo, Omar Johnson, otherwise known as Jallanzo the multi-talented from the group, DubTonic Kru, and Calvin Bennion of Firsteye Production from London England, Xana is currently in the process of working on her first project set to release soon. The project will be a Dub Treatment, the genre of reggae that Xana is focused on. Her love for Dub music has grown over the years and she now composes Dub Instrumentals and assists with the arrangement of the tracks.

Xana is a very artistic individual who enjoys creating her own art, paintings, and drawings etc., in her spare time. She has a love for African fashion and plans to release her African Print Clothing line in the future. Photography is also an interest of Xana. She never leaves home without her camera and likes to take random snaps of whatever strikes her interest.

Xana has worked with a lot of major producers and musicians and has been featured on a few shows with her dad and brothers (Rominal). Xana Romeo is set to tour Europe and the world in the upcoming year with hopes to leave a mark in the reggae music industry as effective as her dad did.

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