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Shayne Amani


Photography By: Michie Exclusive

O’Shayne Foote ‘Shayne Amani’ was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica. At the tender age of six years old
developed a profound love for reggae music, with a huge impact from his uncle that would sing and
perform in the comfort of his own garage.

Shayne’s talent and passion for music started one early morning as he picked up the mic and began to sing his heart out.

At the age of nine years old he performed at his first concert where he attended church regularly and sang the gospel song “We are living in a serious time” that was a huge success for him in his community.

Shayne wrote his first song at eleven years old and later attended GC Foster College in Spanishtown,
Jamaica, where he continued to write songs that are now his latest singles such as ‘Hold On’, ‘Love &
Affection’, ‘Hear my Cry’ and ‘African Traditions’.

Shayne’s talent and adversity with his serene voice make him a successful and superior artist to endeavour.