Respect | Reeva Ann Walker

Respect | Reeva Ann Walker 1

Reeva Ann Walker

There are many facets to the Reggae industry, to the forefront are singers and musicians, but behind the scenes are producers, managers, graphic designers and publicists among the various levels. Meet the latter of it all, Producer/Manager/Publicist and Graphic Designer, Reeva Ann Walker!

A successful Canadian businesswoman and body positive model, Reeva has ventured into many different areas of work throughout the last 10 years. An expert in Customer Service – Reeva acquired a lot of her skills from Call Centers in the Montreal and GTA area, she started from the bottom and worked her way up to being a Learning Consultant. During this time Reeva took home various awards including an Innovative award for her contributions to the training departments.

Tired of the hustle and bustle of your classic “9-5” job, Reeva took on an ever-changing career in the entertainment field where she assisted top reggae musicians with their publicity campaigns completing tasks ranging from Project Management, Public Relations, Social Media Coordination and Graphic Design.

After 7 fulfilling years as a music industry professional, Reeva decided that her creativity could no longer be held in a box transferring her passions and skills into “Content Creation” where she could focus on her overall love for “creating”.
From Arts & Crafts, beauty, graphic design, music, photography, writing and travel, Reeva has created outlets to share her different passions while remaining a professional freelancer & “Artrepreneur”.

“Reinvention is the art of staying happy through growth.” – Reeva Ann Walker

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