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Righteous Path

Helpful, jovial and down to earth are the adjectives that most perfectly fits the songwriter / performer / recording artiste, Prablem. Born Reinard Bryan on 14th October, 1988, Prablem grew up in both communities of Raymonds District and Cornpiece Settlement, Hayes Clarendon. He grew up without a Mother, of which had died when he was only 2years old. Prablem, when asked about this said, “Growing up I always asked why it had to happen but now I realize that everything doesn’t have to be understood now but the reasons will present themselves when the time comes.”

Prablem believes that his personal struggles and triumphs all stimulated or resulted in him being the helpful person he is towards people and that along with just a pen and a paper also helped him to be a better person. The child he was enjoyed writing as he had entered various essay writing and spelling competitions in primary school and excelled at both representing his school and parish at a tender age. Prablem never really shared a good relationship with his father but the respect was and is still maintained. He is also a father of a daughter who he loves and takes care of.

Prablem is a past student of Glenmuir High and Vere Technical High School. He is Multitalented also, as he played football up to the under 16 level at Glenmuir and choreographed the dance groups at both Glenmuir and Vere Technical for JCDC festival competition. Prablem has a vast amount of leadership qualities that was implemented while attending university (The University of Technology), where he studied Marketing as Major and International Business as Minor. He showed his love for music and connecting people by being one of the stronger hands on member of the Marketing Seminar in 2011.

Though he shows gratitude towards being in possession of a Bachelor’s Degree, Prablem says his best moments in college were meeting people from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnic groups and learning how to still remain rooted and grounded in his beliefs around them.

Prablem’s music is described as soulful, deep, connecting with people’s emotion and sense of being. On the other hand, his lyrics sometimes rips and tears similar to that of a canine tooth. Attacking social commentary and Society’s issues head on. This may be the reason why he takes deep pride in constructing his lyrics detail by detail and is very proud to be the one who writes his own lyric.

Prablem has worked on tracks such as Pen to Paper and has a Lyrical Disposal mix tape (produced by Zeej Sterling). Prablem would like to collaborate with Tanya Stephens, Jahmiel, Bugle just to name few in the future. He currently records at Audio Traxx Studio in Old Harbour and has worked on tracks like Dem a Sleep, Dem A Sleep Pt. 2 and Righteous Path. Prablem was also nominated in the Clarendon Music Awards in the category of Best New Artiste for 2012 and successfully walked away with the award on the night.

Most recently, Substance, as most calls him, has released his 10 tracks EP/Album titled “Spiritual Insomnia” on October 31, 2015 which can be found in all online distribution stores. On this project, PrablemTS showed his diversification from writing for himself and others, while using carefully selected persons to bring his ideas to life through their talents and he also firmly reassured his listeners about his ability to touch others with his words while successfully creating a vast and diverse fan base for himself. Prablem enjoys being 100% involved in whatever project that includes his brand in anyway shape or form. This can be seconded by Lamar Thompson of the above mentioned label (AudioTraxx Productions).

Be on the lookout for 2 singles set for release in the very near future:

• Touch Yuh (produced by Cj TheChemist)
• This Will Be (produced by AudioTraxx productions)

Substance’s visuals can all be found on YouTube including his latest, Righteous Path which has been creating a wave worldwide. Prablem was featured on Newstalk 93fm, Hot 102 fm (Jamaica) while appearing on VP records Reggae King Radio (New York), Vibeslink 90.1fm and RoadBlock Radio (New Jersey) and is scheduled for a host of other interviews both locally and internationally. The substantial artiste vows to maintain ‘The Substance’ in his music and any other aspect of his involvement in society. No holds barred, look out and listen out for Prablem_The Substance, the next step in music with
positive messages.


Prablem The_Substance

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